Burg Rieneck (all)

CuesheetChoreoRythmRAL PhaseRAL Plus FigureUnphased Figure(s)ECTA Step LevelSeasonalWorkshop?Workshop at ...CuecardFineprint
A Whole New WorldRumbleSTSVIYesRieneck 2006Link
Afro CubanoNoble, Ron and MaryRBV+2advanced sliding door, same foot lungeYesRieneck 2008Link
Alright You WinChildersJVVIYesRieneck 2005Link
Beat of Your HeartPreskitt, Randy and MarieSTSV+1Rudolph RondeYesRieneck 2009Link
BurlesqueGarza, Rey and SherryTGVYesRieneck 2015Link
ChardonnayEasterdayWZVIYesRieneck 1999Link
Cherry HeartKenji and Nobuko ShibataFTV+1+2throwawy oversway, Double Top Spins, Interrupted Cont Hover CrossYesRieneck 2019Link
Chilly Chilly ChaShibata, Kenji and NobukoCHAVIYesRieneck 2004Link
Dark WaltzVogt, Debby and TimWZVIYesRieneck 2005Link
Favorite ThingsGoss, Bill and CarolFTVIYesRieneck 2004Link
Fever!EasterdayJVVIYesRieneck 2007Link
Forrest GumpMooreWZVYesRieneck 2007Link
Hey Baby SwingWorlock, Curt and TammyMXV+2YesRieneck 2009Link
How Lucky Can One Guy Be?Preskitt, Randy and MarieJVV+0+2hip bump, tripple pretzel turnYesRieneck 2013Link
I´m In ChainsRead, Kay and JoyWCSVIYesRieneck 2011Link
In The MoodGoss, Bill and CarolMXULindy Hop DanceYesRieneck 2003Link
Last Night ChaWorlock, Curt and TammyCHAV+1coca rolaYesRieneck 2010Link
Life Is For LivingVölkl Klaus and MarionSBV+0+2prom runs, counter prom runsYesRieneck 2014Link
Love Has No PrideSchidler, Christian with Kögler, NIcolaWZVIYesRieneck 2012Link
Mujer IVRead, Kay and JoyRBIV+1hip twistYesRieneck 2006Link
New fever waltzDavisWZV+1fallaway ronde slipYesRieneck 2016Link
Pack Up The LouieSchidler, Trinkaus, KöglerQSV+1+1V6, eight count peabody turnYesRieneck 2014Link
Rakkit TangoDavis, Ken and SueTGVYesRieneck 2011Link
Somewhere Beyond The SeaSlater, Ken and IreneFTV+1double rondeYesRieneck 2013Link
Teaberry ShuffleProwQSIV+0+1right rolling chasseYesRieneck 2008Link
The Human Thing To DoSheridan, Michael and DianaFTVYesRieneck 2010Link
The Water Is WideRady and Marie PreskittSTSV+0+2traveling right turn, the square, passing alternating underarm turnYesRieneck 2019Link
Toque ToreroVölkl Klaus and MarionTGVYesRieneck 2012Link
Trickle TrickleShibata, Kenji and NobukoJVV+1+1rollin off the arms, stop and go M´s headloopYesRieneck 2013Link
ValentineWorlock, Curt and TammyBLVIYesRieneck 2016Link
You Owe Me OneWorlock, Curt and TammyMXVYesRieneck 2015Link
Dies ist eine Sammlung von Round Dance Cuesheets. Die Rechte an den Cuesheets verbleiben beim Choreografen des jeweiligen Cuesheet.